Keywords: {Real-Time Systems, Embedded Systems, Model-based Systems Engineering, Robotics, Cyber-Physical Systems}


I am a research associate at the Department of Computer Science, University of York. My current research is on model-based safety assurance standard and tools that are applicable to Cyber-Physical Systems. People in our group are working on the next generation of safety validation and verification methology for emerging systems including intelligent robots and autonomous systems.

I was awarded a PhD in 2019 in the Real-Time Systems Group (RTSG) at University of York. I joined RTSG in 2015, supervised by Prof. Alan Burns and Prof. Neil Audsley. My PhD research involves cooperatively design of control system and real-time task scheduling for Cyber-Physical Systems (CPS). Scheduling task models and methods are proposed and implemented to investigate the scheduling impact on control performance. Trade-offs between scheduling and control are made by a dual-period task model and a flexible adaptation process. This method is interdisciplinary with real-time scheduling theory, control theory and machine learning.

I was awarded a MSc (2014) in Control Systems at the University of Sheffield, and a BSc (2011) in Control Engineering in China. During my undergraduate and postgraduate study, I was involved in many autonomous robot projects and competitions. I am a strong believer of general AI and robots.

Presentations / Seminars

  • Adaptive Task Scheduling of Real-Time Control Tasks @ University of York, 2018 [Presentation]
  • Predicting Worst-Case Execution Times in Long-Lived Real-Time Systems @ Ada-Europe, Vienna, 2017 [Presentation]
  • Using Feedback in Real-Time Systems: A Literature Review @ University of York, 2015 [Presentation]
  • Using ROS for Robotics Research @ University of Sheffield, 2014 [Presentation]
  • AR Drone 2.0 as a Research Platform @ University of Sheffield, 2014 [Presentation]


  • EMPR (Autumn, 2016-2017): Embedded System Projects
  • PROM (Summer, 2016-2017): Programmable Microcontroller
  • EMPR (Spring, 2016-2017): Embedded System Projects
  • MFCS (Spring, 2016-2017): Mathematical Foundations of CS
  • PROM (Summer, 2015-2016): Programmable Microcontroller
  • ICAR (Spring, 2015-2016): Introduction to Computer Architecture


  • Third ACSE Robotic Search & Rescue Competition, second place, University of Sheffield, 2014
  • China Robot Competition and Robocup, first place in Robot Waterpolo Simulation, 2010
  • IEEE MicroMouse Maze Competition in Jiangsu, 3rd place, 2010

Academic Services

  • Conference Reviewer
    • ECRTS (Artifact Evaluation) 2019
    • RTAS 2019
  • Journal Reviewer
    • Journal of Circuits, Systems and Computers (2019)


Xiaotian Dai
High Integrity Systems Group (HISE)
Department of Computer Science
University of York
United Kingdom
YO10 5GH

Email: xiaotian.dai (at) york.ac.uk

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