Journal Papers

Conference Papers

  • (C.6) Shuai Zhao, Zhe Jiang, Xiaotian Dai , Iain Bate, Ibrahim Habli, Wanli Chang. Timing-Accurate General-Purpose I-O for Multi- and Many-Core Systems: Scheduling and Hardware Support. Design Automation Conference (DAC). 2020
  • (C.5) Dawei Yang, Xinlei Li, Xiaotian Dai , Rui Zhang, Lizhe Qi, Wenqiang Zhang, Zhe Jiang, All in One Network for Driver Attention Monitoring. 45th International Conference on Acoustics,Speech and Processing (ICASSP). 2020.
  • (C.4) Zhe Jiang, Neil Audsley, Pan Dong, Nan Guan, Xiaotian Dai , Lifeng Wei. MCS-IOV: Real-time I/O Virtualization for Mixed-Criticality Systems. 40th IEEE Real-Time Systems Symposium (RTSS). 2019.
  • (C.3) Xiaotian Dai , Alan Burns. Period Adaptation of Real-Time Control Tasks with Fixed-Priority Scheduling in Cyber-Physical Systems (oral presentation). International Conference on Reliable Software Technologies (Ada-Europe). 2019.
  • (C.2) Xiaotian Dai , Wanli Chang, Shuai Zhao and Alan Burns. A Dual-Mode Strategy for Performance-Maximisation and Resource-Efficient CPS Design (oral presentation). International Conference on Embedded Software (EMSOFT). 2019.
  • (C.1) Xiaotian Dai , Alan Burns. Predicting Worst-Case Execution Times in Long-Lived Real-Time Systems. International Conference on Reliable Software Technologies (Ada-Europe). 2017.

PhD Thesis

(*) This thesis won the Best Thesis Award (2019) of Department of Computer Science, University of York

Master Thesis

  • Xiaotian Dai . Vision-based Localization and Tracking of a UGV using a Quadcopter. Master Thesis. University of Sheffield. 2014. [Demo Video]

(J: journal; C: conference paper; R: technical report; W: workshop paper; A: article)