Here is a list of my recent publications, which can also be found on Google Scholar and dblp :


  • (C.4) MCS-IOV: Real-time I/O Virtualization System for Mixed-Criticality Systems — One Optional Methodology Linking Academia and Industry
  • (C.3) A Research Roadmap Towards Automated Assurance of Cyber-Physical Systems
  • (J.2) Period Adaptation for Real-Time Control Tasks under Fixed Priority Scheduling
  • (C.2) A Dual-Mode Strategy for Performance-Maximisation and Resource-Efficient CPS Design


  • (J.1) Ran Wei, Tim Kelly, Xiaotian Dai, Shuai Zhao, Richard Hawkins. Model Based System Assurance Using the Structured Assurance Case Metamodel. Journal of Software Systems (JSS). 2019.
  • (T.2) Xiaotian Dai. Flexible and Adaptive Real-Time Task Scheduling in Cyber-Physical Control Systems. 2019. University of York.
  • (C.1) Xiaotian Dai, Alan Burns. Predicting Worst-Case Execution Times in Long-Lived Real-Time Systems. Ada-Europe International Conference on Reliable Software Technologies. 2017. Springer.
  • (R.1) Xiaotian Dai. The Role of Flexible Models in Adaptive Real-Time Scheduling. 2015. University of York.
  • (T.1) Xiaotian Dai. Vision-based Localization and Tracking of a UGV using a Quadcopter. 2014. University of Sheffield. [Demo Video]

(J: journal, C: conference paper, R: report, T: thesis)