Dr. Xiaotian Dai


Research Associate
Real-Time Systems Research Group (RTSRG)
University of York
York, United Kingdom

Room CSE/123
Department of Computer Science
University of York
York, United Kingdom

xiaotian.dai (at) york.ac.uk


I am a research associate in the Real-Time Systems Research Group (RTSRG) at the University of York, UK. I am currently working on the MOCHA research project with Dr. Iain Bate. The MOCHA project focuses on modelling and scheduling of complex architectures with high performance and stringent timing requirements for next-generation communication stations. Before this project, I worked on the H2020 DEIS project, which involves model-based safety assurance (using Structured Assurance Case Metamodel (SACM) OMG standard) that is applicable to autonomous and cyber-physical systems, collaborating with AVL, Siemens, General Motor and Fraunhofer.

My research is mainly in real-time scheduling with a focus on improving system flexibility and adaptiviness. I also do research to improve timing predictability of autonomous systems/cyber-physical systems to ensure safety, robustness and resilience.

I make robots as part of my research and as my part-time projects. You can find more about these projects on this page: Robot Projects. I also have an educational blog on real-time and embedded systems, which can be visited here: Real-time System Blog.

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Xiaotian Dai is a research associate at the University of York, UK. He received a PhD degree from University of York in 2019 (with Best Thesis). He joined real-time systems group in 2015 as a PhD research student, supervised by Prof. Alan Burns. His PhD research involves cooperatively design of control system and real-time task scheduling for Cyber-Physical Systems (CPS). Various flexible scheduling task models and methods are proposed and implemented to investigate the scheduling impact on control performance. He received a MSc in Control Systems from the University of Sheffield in 2014, and a BSc in Automatic Control in 2011.

Recent Events

  • Dec 2020: (service) Ada-Europe'21 PC member
  • Dec 2020: (workshop) 10 Dec @ Fifth Annual UK System Research Challenges Workshop — Overview of MOCHA project by Dr. Iain Bate
  • Dec 2020: (conference) 13 Dec @ RTSS'20 — DAG Scheduling and Analysis on Multiprocessor Systems (presented by my colleague Dr. Zhao) [Video]
  • Nov 2020: (service) ICESS'20 Resource Management session chair
  • Nov 2020: (conference) 11 Nov @ ICCAD'20 — Fixed-Priority Scheduling and Controller Co-Design for Time-Sensitive Networks [Video]
  • Oct 2020: (cfp) RTNS'21 is calling for participate, visit the conference website
  • Sep 2020: (service) RTNS'21 Publicity Chair & PC member
  • Apr 2020: (award) Best Thesis Award for my PhD thesis from University of York
  • Apr 2020: (service) ICESS'20 PC member
  • Feb 2020: (service) DSD'20 Design of CPS Session Chair & PC member
  • Oct 2019: (conference talk) @ ESWEEK'19, New York — A Dual-Mode Strategy for Performance Maximisation and Resource-Efficient CPS Design [slides]
  • Apr 2019: (service) ECRTS-AE'19 PC member
  • Dec 2018: (seminar) @ University of York, UK — Adaptive Task Scheduling of Real-Time Control Tasks [slides]