Dr. Xiaotian Dai


Research Associate
Real-Time Systems Research Group (RTSRG)
University of York
York, United Kingdom

Room CSE/123
Department of Computer Science
University of York
York, United Kingdom

xiaotian.dai (at) york.ac.uk


I am a research associate in the Real-Time Systems Research Group (RTSRG) at the University of York, UK. I am currently working on the MOCHA research project, which focuses on modelling and scheduling of complex architectures with high performance and stringent timing requirements. Before this I worked on the DEIS project, which involves model-based safety assurance (Structured Assurance Case Metamodel, SACM) that is applicable to autonomous and cyber-physical systems, collaborated with AVL, Siemens, General Motor and Fraunhofer.

To learn more about real-time and embedded systems, visit my educational blog: Real-time System Blog. You can also find more about my robot projects in: Robot Projects.

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Xiaotian Dai received a PhD degree from University of York in 2019 (with Best Thesis). He joined real-time systems group in 2015 as a PhD research student, supervised by Prof. Alan Burns. His PhD research involves cooperatively design of control system and real-time task scheduling for Cyber-Physical Systems (CPS). Flexible scheduling task models and methods are proposed and implemented to investigate the scheduling impact on control performance. He received a MSc in Control Systems from the University of Sheffield in 2014, and a BSc in Automatic Control in 2011.

Recent Events

  • Nov 2020: (conference talk) @ICCAD'20, virtual - Fixed-Priority Scheduling and Controller Co-Design for Time-Sensitive Networks [slides to upload]
  • Oct 2020: (call-for-paper) RTNS'21 is calling for participate, visit the conference website
  • Sep 2020: (role) RTNS'21 Publicity Chair & PC member
  • Apr 2020: (award) Best Thesis Award for my PhD thesis, University of York
  • Apr 2020: (role) ICESS'20 PC member
  • Mar 2020: (workshop) Present@Fifth Annual UK System Research Challenges Workshop (cancelled due to COVID19)
  • Feb 2020: (role) DSD'20 Design of CPS Session Chair & PC member
  • - - - - - past - - - - -
  • Oct 2019: (conference talk) @ESWEEK 2019, New York - A Dual-Mode Strategy for Performance Maximisation and Resource-Efficient CPS Design [slides]
  • Apr 2019: (role) ECRTS-AE'19 PC member
  • Dec 2018: (seminar) Adaptive Task Scheduling of Real-Time Control Tasks @ University of York, UK [slides]
  • June 2017: (conference talk) @Ada-Europe 2017, Vienna - Predicting Worst-Case Execution Times in Long-Lived Real-Time Systems [slides]
  • May 2015: (seminar) Using Feedback in Real-Time Systems: A Literature Review @ University of York, UK [slides]